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Dear colleague

Our higher education committee (HEC) met recently and made a number of important decisions. In regards to the UK level pay and USS matters, HEC considered the motions carried at the HE sector conference (HESC) on 2 June. HEC debated how best to develop the strategic and campaigning priorities resolved in the motions, how the motions related to each other, their similarities and differences, and how best to progress each given the different timelines proposed.  

9 September special sector conference 

In line with HESC decisions, HEC called a special HE sector conference on New JNCHES, USS and TPS for Thursday 9 September.

Branches are asked to note the CBC timetable, when branch meetings should be held to consider HESC motions and amendments, and the deadline for registering delegates. 

Ballots and industrial strategy 

HEC agreed not to move to ballot at this time on either pay or USS. The HESC on 9 September will make important decisions regarding the campaigns and any ballots in the autumn. The HESC will also provide the opportunity to develop a strategic approach to the challenges facing members in the sector including building our workplace strength and building for industrial action. In the meantime branches and members will be updated with developments.  

HEC also agreed to organise a series of branch briefings in the run up to the special HESC. Details of the briefings will be communicated soon.  

On other matters, HEC agreed to support members taking sustained action at the University of Liverpool and encourage branches and members to donate to the local strike fund, to develop a campaign to fight the cuts to arts subjects and provide focused support to members on the most exploitative contracts.  

Best wishes

Paul Bridge
UCU head of higher education

7 July 2021


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