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Dear colleague

We are running another three cohorts of the very popular Transforming UCU, a development programme for workplace leaders. This isn’t like a normal trade union course. Participants take part in a comprehensive package of training, discussion and support delivered across two residential modules. Feedback from those taking part has been extremely positive. 

We would now welcome applications for cohorts 9, 10, and 11. The programme is arranged over two modules: 

Module 1: UCU, strategic choice, building power, and leadership in a changing world;

Module 2: Building collective identity, organising and learning from others, taking control at the workplace 

The dates for the cohorts are: 

Cohort 9 (weekends) 

Module 1: Friday 7 May (evening start) to Sunday 9 May (finish at 5pm)

Module 2: Friday 1 October (evening start) to Sunday 3 October (finish at 5pm)

Location: Birmingham 

Cohort 10 (weekdays) 

Module 1: Tuesday 1 June (evening start) to Thursday 3 June (finish at 5pm)

Module 2: Wednesday 8 September (evening start) to Friday 10 September (finish at 5pm)

Location: Birmingham

Cohort 11 (weekdays) 

Module 1: Tuesday 28 September (evening start) to Thursday 30 September (finish at 5pm) Module 2: Tuesday 14 December (evening start) to Thursday 16 December (finish at 5pm)

Location: Birmingham 

Sessions will be led by leading academics and practitioners. Sharing ideas, experience, and different perspectives is a key element of the programme.

It is important that UCU remains a strong union with the ability to make independent decisions, based on strategic choices that consider carefully the environment we operate within. This programme will help participants consider the position of UCU, how to build power for effective bargaining, and different types of leadership within a trade union setting.

Please apply online as soon as possible as places are extremely limited. The absolute deadlines are:

Cohort 9 – Friday 15 January 2021

Cohort 10 – Friday 19 March 2021

Cohort 11 – Friday 13 August 2021 

The application can be found here. 

Best wishes
Michael MacNeil
UCU national official (GS projects)

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