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Sadly, Sally Hunt has had to resign – Nominations open

Mar 10th, 2019 | By | Category: News

UCU general secretary election – nominations open
Nominations are now open for the position of general secretary of the University and College Union. This a full-time, salaried position as the union’s chief executive, with a five year term of office. Nominations close at 5:00pm on 8 April 2019. Further information can be found here.

An update on Sally Hunt: Sadly, she has felt that the time has come for her to resign as General Secretary. We have sent to Sally, on behalf of our UCU Stirling Branch, a card and a small gift, to thank her for all her tireless work on everyone’s behalf.

She wrote:

Dear friends,

You will know by now that I am stepping down as General Secretary. This has not been an easy decision but I feel that it is the right one for me and the union.

I have had MS for many years. Since diagnosis I have been determined that it should not define me or my life.  I have always believed and continue to believe that we should have the right to shape our lives for ourselves. That said, life has an irritating habit of shaping us and that’s what happened to me, now.

I have reached a point where I think that for me to continue as General Secretary, in what is a very pressured role, would be the wrong thing to do. I need my health. The membership and you need a General Secretary who can give 110%. I think that needs someone new in the role.

You are a fantastic group of people. I have been so honoured to work with you and others over the years. I know how hard you all work to deliver for members every single day. I know what a decent, kind, stimulating, challenging, brilliant group of people you are.

UCU, along with every union is facing some tough times. Brexit with all its uncertainty is affecting all our members. Question marks over adult education funding and the massive expectations placed on the sectors represented by the union make a strong, effective UCU more important than ever. Be it with employers or politicians, in the media or amongst its friends in the trade union movement, the UCU voice locally, nationally, globally, needs to be heard.

Solidarity is a much used word because it has a truth at its heart.

The union is stronger when it is united.

When you stand together you will always, in my book, win.

So that is what I wish you,


With my heartfelt thanks to all of you,


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