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A new personal injury online claim form

Apr 22nd, 2012 | By | Category: Personal injury claim form

A new personal injury online claim form for members
UCU has introduced a new online claim form for members wishing to pursue a new personal injury/disease claim, including stress related. The online claim form may be found in the UCU Support Centre site (https://ucu.custhelp.com/). It considerably speeds up the process of getting a claim out to UCU’s agents, for investigation.

The UCU Support Site is also now available as a mobile app and can be accessed at https://ucu.custhelp.com/ which you type into your mobile device’s web browser and you can then add an icon to your home screen (i.e. click on the forward icon and select ‘add to home screen’). Users can also make a new personal injury claim from their iPhone/iPad/Android phone using this mobile app. Unfortunately Blackberry/RIM products are not currently supported.

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