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Deeply flawed and damaging HE and Research Bill

Apr 26th, 2017 | By | Category: News
Dear colleague,

URGENT: the deeply flawed and damaging Higher Education and Research Bill will return to the House of Commons tomorrow.

Due to the work of UCU, NUS and others, many changes have been made by the House of Lords that will hinder the government’s plans for further marketisation and privatisation of our universities.

Amendments, made in the House of Lords which are NOW AT RISK include:

  • blocking plans for a crude rating of teaching quality
  • removing the link between teaching excellence and tuition fees
  • ensuring any organisation awarding degrees meet improved quality standards
  • removing international students from net migration targets
  • protections for overseas staff.

I need your help TODAY.

Please use our online tool to contact your MP, send them our latest briefing and encourage them stand up for HE and support the Lords’ amendments.

Best wishes

Sally Hunt

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