The University of Dundee sends its thanks …

Aug 22nd, 2016 | By | Category: Further information

Humanities at the University of Dundee
A very big thank you to everyone involved in supporting the campaign against redundancies within the School of Humanities at the University of Dundee.   The branch would also like to extend particular thanks to students who led a fantastic campaign and were tireless and robust in their questioning of management.   Due to savings made elsewhere, the threat of compulsory redundancies has now been removed. Students have launched a petition against compulsory redundancies of Humanities staff at the University of Dundee, which, to date, has over 1500 signatures.

They have written: “The University of Dundee is proposing to threaten 6 – 8 members of the lecturing staff within the School of Humanities with compulsory redundancies. The school is being hit by serious budget cuts within the University. There has already been a £200k cut from the school, with a further £250k after initial savings. This equates to a 7% cut, which is disproportionate to a small school such as Humanities. This is why Students and Staff alike have now united to launch a campaign to Save Humanities at Dundee. We are calling upon the University of Dundee to withdraw these redundancy proposals.”

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