UCU@work – new magazine for UCU

May 24th, 2016 | By | Category: Miscellaneous, News

The publication that was created in response to the decision outlined below is UCU@work
This is an excellent magazine, full of useful information.

By way of background, at the 2015 Congress, Preston College branch submitted a motion which called for ‘the re-introduction of a regular UCU journal/magazine or newspaper at the earliest possible opportunity.’

When the motion came to be discussed, it was noted that producing a hard copy magazine would cost in the region of £250,000, or around one third of the campaigns budget, and would mean diverting resources currently earmarked to support national and local disputes. It was also stated from the platform that the last magazine ‘UC’ had very low readership levels.

In noting this, Preston College branch and others made the valid point that nonetheless there was no hard copy publication that they and others could use to demonstrate the union’s worth to members and potential recruits.

The platform accepted this point and it was agreed by Preston College branch to remit its motion on the basis that the union would put together an affordable, annual report style publication which branches could use in both hard copy and in an on-line format to promote the union.


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