Anti-casualisation survey – if this applies to you, please complete it

Dec 8th, 2014 | By | Category: News

As part of our national campaigning work against casualisation, UCU is conducting research on the impact of precarious and casualised contracts on the struggle to make ends meet. While universities and colleges are happy to use the line that institutions and staff alike ‘value the flexibility’ of casualised contracts, members tell us that they struggle to pay bills, to get mortgages and to access social security benefits and tax credits.

UCU has launched a survey of casualised staff in further and higher education to try to assess the scale of these issues. If you are on a fixed-term, hourly paid, variable hours or zero hours contract, or if you are an agency worker, please make sure you fill in this survey. Please also make sure that you pass it on to other casualised staff you know asking them to fill it in and encouraging them to join UCU. Click here to read more about UCU’s campaign against casualisation.

You can also now download the latest copy of Anti-Casualisation News.

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