Branch General Meetings

Branch General Meetings are currently being held, either on Teams or hybrid, on a regular basis. You will receive the link to these meetings in the Weekly Newsletters that are circulated to all members, in advance.   


Message for members of staff from outside the UK

If you are a member of staff from outside the UK, you may think that, when you joined the University of Stirling, you were automatically made a member of a union. This is not the case, and, if you wish to be a union member, you will have to join one of the unions represented

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Caseworkers are here to help. Would you volunteer to be one?

Would you be willing to volunteer as a caseworker? Caseworkers are essential to the services that UCU Stirling Branch can offer to members and they are always here to help showing proof of income. They can give you advice on employment rights and conditions, plus • Support with disciplinary procedures, including allegations of under-performance •

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